The Benefit of Adaptogen Supplements

The Benefit of Adaptogen Supplements

Powerfully restorative properties of the adaptogen plants have been used for centuries within natural medicines across the world however many are still unaware of the potential healing and wellness available from these resilient plants. We craft the highest quality adaptogen supplements from the Finnish wild and surrounding Nordic countries forging a skincare wellness supplement that helps you achieve the best out of your skin and wellbeing. Read on to find out more about this special resource and why you should be making it part of your health routine. 

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are a form of herb, mushroom or root thought to have specific health benefits. They are sold in many forms such as capsules, as a supplement to aid in health thought to help combat physical, chemical or biological stress by adapting your body's stress response system. The aim is to bring your body back to a middle state; homeostasis. 

Amongst the many names, you may have heard of when researching these amazing natural resources, it may surprise you to know there are over 70 different types found across the globe, with Eastern medicine utilising their healing properties for centuries. 

How do Adaptogens work?

The plants interact with the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and the sympathoadrenal system. These two are both connected to the body's connection to stress. Adaptogens adapt your hormone production and physiological response to stress. Each Adaptogen has different benefits. 

Consuming Adaptogens is part of a wellness process that will help your body build resilience for long term wellness rather than a quick fix. One example of this is the stimulants we use day to day to fight fatigue like caffeine within our morning coffee. Rather than this quick fix, the Rhodiola Rosea benefits are known to help boost energy levels and will slowly build a resistance to fatigue.

How to add adaptogens into your diet

Adding adaptogens to your diet can be a process of adding them into smoothies or certain meals. Many come in powdered form but of course, the easiest way to do so is by taking the correct capsule supplement. It’s more important than ever to check what you’re taking is genuine and right for you. 

Always ask your GP if you are uncertain, however, our capsules are created using the finest organic adaptogens found locally in Finnish nature. Forest Spa Finland continuously sources the best quality ingredients from responsible suppliers with the goal to support biodiversity projects collaborate with our suppliers to fulfil their responsibility mission.

We recommend starting your routine by taking 2-3 supplement capsules in the morning every day before food. We recommend this amount to begin with for reaching the maximum benefit. Often we recommend a short break between courses of adaptogens, perhaps a few days. This is to help build your body’s resilience, enhancing the results even further as your body’s system learns to adapt. It is important to remember supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet or lifestyle. Wellness is a lifestyle made up of lots of important elements. 

Where are they found?

Adaptogens are found across the globe, and for centuries they have been used within herbal medicines. Depending on the specific herb, mushrooms or root each Adaptogen holds different beneficial properties. 

Here at Forest Spa Finland, we dedicate ourselves to procuring the very best Adaptogens the Finnish wild has to offer while also resourcing from neighbouring Nordic countries. The ingredients within our supplement include Chaga Mushrooms, Rhodiola Rosea, Wild Bilberry, Pine Bark, Piperine.

What are the benefits of Adaptogen supplements? 

Here at Forest Spa Finland, we are passionate about wellness and skincare therefore our supplements are formed with the intention of making your skin the very best it can be. Skin Immunity starts from within therefore our high potency supplement offers powerful nordic plant extracts to boost your skincare routine from the inside out. 

Our supplement benefits include stronger, healthier and more resistant skin. Adaptogen extracts to protect against skin reactions to stress such as acne, ageing, redness and discolouration. More benefits for making the best version of your skin can be include clarity, luminosity. While also boosting mood and energy levels. 

Forest Spa Finland creates the very best supplements for skincare and wellness and will continue to share our message from crafting a healthy lifestyle inspired by our Nordic neighbours to providing the resources needed to find out more about the benefits of Adaptogens. Continue reading our Journal here to find out more.

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