The power of pine bark extract

The power of pine bark extract

For the longest time, we have been turning to nature for remedies and medicine and there’s no wonder - it really is extraordinary! There are so many potent compounds and plants that can be used by humans to benefit our health and strengthen our immune systems, including some that may surprise you.

The story of using pine bark in medicine travels back to the 1500s when explorers used it for its high levels of Vitamin C to treat scurvy. Back then, it would be turned into herbal tea but thanks to modern medicine, we're now able to produce high quality extractions of the compound and tightly compact it into a convenient supplement capsule. 

Read on to find out more about the effectiveness of pine bark extract and why we think it’s such a magical ingredient with plenty of health benefits for your body and skin. 

What is pine bark extract?

There are more than 100 different species of pine tree in the world. The most popular one for the health and beauty industry is maritime pine. In the past, many cultures have used bark, needles, nuts and resin of pine trees as magical medicine. Pine bark extract is a common ingredient in many herbal supplements today.

There are limited risk factors or side effects associated with supplementing with pine bark extract. While pine bark is a natural ingredient that we put in our supplements, we always recommend that you speak to your doctor before using them if you have any current health issues.

What are the health benefits of pine bark extract?

Many studies have been conducted to suggest that pine bark extract has lots of benefits. However, it’s still too soon to say whether the beneficial properties are enough to treat chronic illnesses or specific diseases. 

However, we do know that the effects of the extract pycnogenol have the potential to provide an array of benefits when taken through supplementation such as:

  1. Support healthy heart function - due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it may support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
  2. Reduce inflammation - it's capable of reducing inflammation in cells due to its antioxidant effects.
  3. Boost brain function - this extract strengthens the ability to reduce oxidative stress (associated with poor diet, high stress and lack of exercise).
  4. Fight off common colds - can reduce the duration and severity of a common cold. 
  5. Treat metabolic syndrome - As well as related disorders such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.
  6. Balances blood sugar levels - this is great for anyone who suffers from blood sugar level problems.

Pine bark extract supplements for skin

As well as multiple benefits for your physical health, pine bark extract has many great benefits for your skin. We are big believers in using natural ingredients to help build your immunity which is why we pack our Nordic Adaptogen Supplements with the most powerful plant extracts and never use synthetic ingredients or fillers in our product.

All around the world Pine Bark  is used for its anti-ageing properties - it helps to maintain healthy skin, improves elasticity and slows the ageing process.  When taken orally or applied topically, it provides some of the following benefits:

  1. Protection from sun damage - offers protection from UVB rays and may reduce hyperpigmentation 
  2. Improve skin barrier function - helps to strengthen your skin’s barrier and protect against free-radicals
  3. Firms and hydrates the skin - this is especially useful if you have dry skin

If you are a fan of Hyaluronic Acid products you may be interested  to know that a study of Pine Bark extract taken in supplement form showed an increase of up to 44% in natural Hyaluronic Acid production in the participants. So it really can boost and support your skin from the inside -out. 

Shop pine bark extract supplements

Whether you’re looking for a daily supplement to help with anxiety and stress or to help your skin glow, we’ve got you covered. Our adaptogen supplements provide wellness from within.

They are packed with the highest potency of powerful Nordic forest extracts to boost your daily health ritual. See our FAQ’s page to find out more and discover how our adaptogen supplements could improve your wellness routine.

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