Nordic Culture & Wellness: What Can We Learn From Finland?

Nordic Culture & Wellness: What Can We Learn From Finland?

Finland is often cited as the happiest country in the world. What is it about their culture that contributes to this? In this blog post, we will explore some of the key aspects of Finnish culture that have made them so successful in the wellness industry. From their habitual routines to their sleek design and humble appreciation of nature, there are many things we can learn from Finland!

Finnish culture has certainly made a name for itself in the wellness industry. Habitual routines, sleek design and a humble appreciation of the outdoors. However, what can we learn from Finnish culture? 

Most famed for easing the stresses of everyday life, elements of this lifestyle have been shared across the globe and has become a form of modern living for many. Read on to learn what makes up Finnish health and wellbeing.

Finland is the happiest country

With Scandinavian and Nordic countries being one of the most desirable places to live it's no surprise they rank highly on the happiness index. With Finland taking first place it’s easy to see why many are taking inspiration from the nordic way of life. So what makes Finland so happy?

Many believe these results may come down to a well-functioning democracy, free healthcare and education system, as well as a strong focus on work-life balance. However, the passion Finns have for health and wellbeing is no doubt a huge factor.

The connection Finland have to nature is one way they choose to de-stress. With 75% of Finland covered in beautiful luscious forests many fins spend a lot of their free time immersing themselves in nature. After experiencing their country for ourselves we really can’t blame them.

The benefits of minimalism

A signature style that has flourished in recent years finding itself within fashion, lifestyle, architecture and home furnishing is Minimalism. Elements of this style are often associated with muted colours, natural lighting, modern furniture, clean open space and generally a ‘less is more approach to living. “Form follows function” is a common phrase within Finnish design meaning everything you create must first serve its purpose before adding any aesthetic. This often leads to beautiful design through simplicity

The simplicity within this movement is said to fulfil the basic psychological needs of humans. Human motivation rests upon three main components, autonomy, competence and relatedness. A study revealed that many who lived a low-consumption lifestyle were found to have increased life satisfaction. Focusing more on developing intrinsic value over cluttered materialism. The minimalist lifestyle isn’t for everyone - but start small and be the beginning of a less cluttered life!

The joys of the sauna

The benefits of sauna are constantly growing with the form of therapy becoming more and more popular within the wellness sector. Finnish sauna culture has been a way to relieve stress and relax whilst living through the long winter seasons. The most well-known benefits have been known to improve sleep, tighten/clear skin, and improve circulation while relieving sore muscle and joint pain. 

However, research is consistently growing. Studies carried out into mental health, cardiovascular health, respiratory diseases and much more. The improved blood circulation throughout the body is also shown to boost overall brain function, with an increase in alertness and task performance. 

We know not everyone has access to a lovely Finnish sauna but if you do get the opportunity to indulge, it could be the key to de-stressing your body and mind.

Embracing the outdoors 

Finland is the largest forested country in Europe. With forests covering 75% of their land and over 188,000 lakes surrounding them it's easy to see why Finns are taught from an early age to regard the outdoors as their second home. Mökkielämä translates to cottage life which can be referenced as slow living. This describes the escape Finns take to nature, living in cabins emerged in nature.

This influences Finland’s work-life balance greatly. Unplugging from technology, finding a space to unwind and reconnecting with nature is greatly valued by Finnish culture. Forest bathing is often used to describe the process of reconnecting with the outdoors. A term used to describe the process of immersing the senses within nature. Originally coming from the Japanese word Shinrin-Yoku.

With the everyday modern life filled with complexity and busy schedules, Finns are experts at finding ways to unwind, especially within nature. Finnish people are known for their love of nature and the great outdoors. In fact, Finns are some of the most active people in Europe, with many of them spending several hours a week hiking, skiing or cycling. This close connection to nature is thought to be one of the reasons why Finnish people are so happy and healthy. Whether it’s enjoying a hike, a dip in the icy lakes or spending an evening relaxing with the Sauna.

There are many things we can learn from Finnish Culture when it comes to Wellness.

How do you live a more Nordic-inspired life? Let us know in the comments below.

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