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Using ingredients from Finnish nature, We create skincare wellness products to help build your immunity to stress, renew wellness and boost your vitality.

We believe that stress is your skins worst enemy and that protection from this impact can help you to awaken your optimal skin. At Forest Spa Finland we want to bring the purity and powerful restorative properties of the Finnish Forest and way of life into your daily skincare health ritual. We want to let you in on the secrets that the Finns have kept for years!

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Nordic Adaptogen Serum
Nordic Adaptogen Serum
Nordic Adaptogen Serum
Nordic Adaptogen Serum
Nordic Adaptogen Serum

Nordic Adaptogen Serum


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Finns spend a lot of time in nature and place huge weight on sustainability in order to preserve their environment due to the benefits it provides them mentally and physically. That is why we’ve partnered up with Finnish SULAPAC.

Their packaging utilises a bio-based composite made of sustainably sourced raw materials including certified wood from industrial side streams, thus reducing plastic pollution and leaving no micro plastics behind. Thanks to the wood and other plant-based raw materials, it has a beautiful natural appearance making our jars desirable keep sakes for alternative storage purposes.

Please check your local recycling options before disposing to check the acceptance of compostable materials.