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How stress can affect your skin and wellbeing

We all feel stressed from time-to-time. Life isn’t straight forward and we’ll often come up against pressured environments that cause our body to produce stress hormones.

This release of hormones won’t always cause long-term damage. In fact, they can often help us out. They can give us the adrenaline to push through the last few minutes of an exercise class or supply that extra boost to deliver a presentation. Afterwards, our body settles and the hormones regulate.

However, when our body experiences elongated periods of frequent stress, there can be long-term impacts that affect both our mental and physical health. This also extends to the condition of our skin. At Forest Spa Finland, we’re interested in how adaptogens can help to combat the impact of stress on our skin and wellbeing. In this blog we’ll unpack the science behind stress, how it can affect us, and how we can better respond.

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Why does our body produce stress hormones?

Our body produces certain hormones when we’re stressed because it perceives that stress as danger. Evolutionary science shows us that these stress hormones, known as ‘fight or flight’ hormones, helped us to survive in dangerous situations. Our sympathetic nervous system is activated and we might notice all sorts of symptoms. For example our heart rate might increase to provide our body with the energy and oxygen it needs to respond quickly to danger.

We might notice we start shaking, because our muscles are tensing ready for combat or to flee. Or perhaps our pupils dilate to enable better vision of our surroundings.We know that this survival response doesn’t always quite match up with the severity of the situation. In reality, we very rarely need our bodies to react like this. In fact, these symptoms can eclipse our rational thought processing and exasperate our response. And this will likely make things feel a lot worse and more stressful.

How does stress affect skin?

The stress hormones released into our body can impact our skin’s health and appearance.

Most commonly, these hormones direct immune cells from the bloodstream into the skin or stimulate pro-inflammatory skin cells. This increased inflammation then has the potential to trigger myriad skin problems.These skin problems include:

• Skin irritation - including itchy skin rashes and dry skin patches

• Rosacea - typically this manifests as blushing or flushing of the skin, as well as visible blood vessels in the face

• Acne breakouts - especially if the skin is already prone to hormonal acne or long term acne

• Skin dullness - the skin lacks radiance and its texture can become uneven

• Accelerated signs of ageing - including fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, dryness and a rough texture.

As well as the above skin conditions, we’re also unlikely to feel our best when we’re stressed. This feeling can then trigger negative lifestyle habits such as touching your face more frequently, not making the time for skin-care rituals, a poor diet or lack of sleep.

How to help skin affected by stress

There are plenty of ways to combat stress. Small steps such as using a supplement can reduce the intensity of the stress hormones in your body and ensure better immunity by regulating hormone responses.

Our supplements have been created as an easy way to incorporate the power of adaptogens into your routine to ensure you feel your best. For more information, follow us on @forest_spa_finland or order your first supply of our innovative Nordic Adaptogen Supplement

 Lots of people find short bursts of regular meditation and mindfulness also helpful. Others discover the benefits of talking therapy or other mental health interventions to change how they think about the situations that trigger stress for them.

Supplements can also be taken alongside these life-style changes to support an overall healthier response to stress. When our body is able to suppress and regulate stress hormones, our body, mind and skin will respond accordingly.

We’ve spent a long time researching how they do things in Finland. Renowned for their natural remedies and holistic approach to wellbeing, our supplements use adaptogens, taken from the purest Nordic Forest plants, to help manage the body’s response to stress. After all, when our whole system is affected by stress hormones, it’s worth defending our body against their impact.
Our supplements have been created as an easy way to incorporate the power of adaptogens into your routine to ensure you feel your best. For more information, follow us on @forest_spa_finland or order your first supply of our innovative Nordic Adaptogen Supplement

Nordic Adaptogen Supplement
Nordic Adaptogen Supplement

Nordic Adaptogen Supplement

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