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Skincare wellness and sustainable packaging from Nordic forest. UK-based Forest Spa Finland chose Sulapac.

Clean and natural skincare has peaked during the pandemic. Nordic forest provides ingredients for wellness products and their sustainable packaging to back this trend.

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Nordic Adaptogen Serum
Nordic Adaptogen Serum
Nordic Adaptogen Serum
Nordic Adaptogen Serum
Nordic Adaptogen Serum

Nordic Adaptogen Serum


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Finland is known as the happiest country in the world, with 20.3 million hectares of forest, covering more than 75% of the country. Walks in the forest relieve stress, but they also provide pure ingredients for skincare and wellness products, from the products to packaging. Forest Spa Finland wants to give people a small moment of Finnish nature amid hectic lives in congested cities.“I remember the first time my Finnish partner took me to the family summer house; after sweating in the old wood sauna followed by a dip in the icy cool lake I felt reborn! The sense of peace and forest smells awaken the senses and stress disappears. It’s a feeling I want to share with my customers”, says Daniel Collins, Founder and Brand Director at Forest Spa Finland, who has worked with big beauty brands such as Clinique and Estée Lauder for more than 20 years, before founding his own company.

Environmental awareness and inspiration

Forest Spa Finland has chosen Sulapac’s Premium material for the supplement product packaging as it has a unique look to it, with large & visible wood chips. The material is made of sustainably sourced raw materials, including wood from industrial side streams that originate from certified Nordic forest. The packages are manufactured by Nissha. By choosing Sulapac, the Forest Spa Finland is reducing plastic pollution and leaving no permanent microplastics behind.“We are happy to be able to work with Forest Spa Finland, as our values of sustainability and caring for our planet are aligned, and both have our roots in the Finnish soil. Daniel’s vision of sharing a little jar of Finland through their products makes me smile. I can visualize a Korean urban woman, with no access to nature, being able to experience a moment of peace and quiet and pure nature through Forest Spa Finland products,” says Dr. Suvi Haimi, CEO and Co-founder of Sulapac.

“Personally, I spent much of my childhood picking berries and playing in the forest with family and friends. So very early in life, these experiences sparked my love and respect for nature and the environment”, Haimi continues.

Wellness from forest

Forest Spa Finland’s Nordic Adaptogen Supplements are made from Nordic sourced adaptogens, formulated to enhance physiological health and boost overall wellness. Adaptogens are extracts from plants that are known to thrive in harsh conditions, such as the Nordics. The brand is bringing new skincare wellness products to the market in 2022, tapping into the growing demand for clean and natural products.

“After working with big beauty brands for years, I wanted to combine my passion for Finland and knowledge on beauty to help people connect with themselves and the world better,” says Collins.

Sulapac has also collaborated on packaging with brands such as CHANEL, Haeckels, Green People, Stop The Water While Using Me, MAAR, Akane, Santaverde, I+M – among others. Several brands Sulapac has worked with have received acclaim for their products. I+M, which chose Sulapac jars for their We Reduce! range, was one of the finalists of the German Sustainability Award Design in 2021. Akane was winner of the 2021 Pure Beauty Global Award, and RDP Skincare winner of the Swedish Beauty Oscar 2021.
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About Sulapac

Sulapac accelerates a plastic waste-free future with sustainable materials that are beautiful and functional. Like nature. Sulapac® is an award-winning, patented bio-based material innovation for the circular economy. Forerunner companies around the world, along with CHANEL, have chosen Sulapac. Sulapac was founded in 2016 by Dr. Suvi Haimi, Dr. Laura Tirkkonen-Rajasalo and Dr. Antti Pärssinen. The company has been ranked one of the 100 hottest startups in Europe by WIRED UK in 2018, 2019, and 2021, and one of the Nordic startups to watch in 2021 by Sifted, backed by the Financial Times. The Helsinki-based company’s investors include CHANEL and Sky Ocean Ventures. Join the forerunners. Together we can save the world from plastic waste.

About Forest Spa Finland

With over 30 years’ experience in the global beauty industry, skincare expert Daniel Collins saw the need for a more connective skincare brand and founded Forest Spa Finland in 2020. Forest Spa Finland was created as a skincare and wellness product line up with an approach built upon supporting skin both inside and out. The brand’s first product launch in 2021 is their Nordic Adaptogen Supplement. Topical skincare products will follow early in 2022. Users will be able to truly combat the impact of stress on skin, both inside and out. Forest Spa Finland provides skin and immunity wellness through the power of Nordic nature. Available online at