Jonna Saarinen x Forest Spa Finland

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with talented Finnish designer - Jonna Saarinen.


At Forest Spa Finland our beautiful packaging is timeless, functional, and as sustainable as possible, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun!

So, when we wanted to create our first cosmetic bag and met Jonna, we knew it was a perfect match for us; that would bring a colourful Nordic design element into our lineup.

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JONNA'S Inspiration from nature

Jonna Saarinen is a Finnish print designer, a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, now designing from her studio in Southern Finland. Here is a little of the story:

“Finnish nature and all the summers spent as a child on the beautiful Turku archipelago have always been a huge inspiration for me. During my time living in London, even the thought of this nature provided me an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle to something calmer and more relaxing.

Since returning to live on the southwest coast of Finland last year, my love for the pure nature, the forest and the ever-changing Baltic Sea has grown ever stronger, offering me new inspiration every day. The seasonal changes are so dramatic here, and we go from swimming in the sea to watching it freeze over and walking on it, in no time at all.



With the changing seasons, we also get to enjoy the change in natures colours, which is a feast for the eyes. From the white and bright frosty snow of the winter to the most intense greens of spring and beautiful sun kissed hues of summer when the sun rarely leaves the sky. And finally, autumn, when the forest is full of glorious coloured wild berries, and the leaves on the trees are shades of lovely yellows to the deepest darkest reds.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful nature and have a forest as my backyard, and when Forest Spa Finland asked me to create a design that captures the essence of their products ... I didn't have to go far for ideas. The 'Forest Treasures' cosmetic bag colours and the print design take inspiration from autumnal walks in the forest, which inspired me whilst first planning the collaboration with the Forest Spa Finland team.

FS_F Jonna at work_SMALL.jpg__PID:928b9bfe-2513-43e2-a2cc-80fdd4535131

Though the leaves change colour in the autumn, deep in the forest the strong dark greens remain all year round, and scattered across the forest floor you can find beautiful red, blue, and yellow patterns formed by the berries and the mushrooms that have arrived. These evergreen branches and autumn colours formed the design and were created by hand painting the shapes and textures, that were collaged together to form the pattern.

They really showcase the Forest Spa product ingredients, and the natural beauty of the Finnish forest. I had great fun working on it!"

Jonna Saarinen

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Jonna Saarinen  'Forest Treasures' cosmetic bag - GIFT WITH PURCHASE
Jonna Saarinen  'Forest Treasures' cosmetic bag - GIFT WITH PURCHASE

Jonna Saarinen 'Forest Treasures' cosmetic bag - GIFT WITH PURCHASE


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View from Jonna's studio


CREATIVE Collaboration

We absolutely love Jonna’s designs, the patterns, shapes and colours, and her approach, with hand crafted drawings, cut outs, painting and a real playfulness. It's a great representation of modern Finnish design and we really embrace and delight working with such authentic Finnish expertise and creativity.

At Forest Spa Finland we have always been proud of working with great creatives and experts so we can deliver an exceptional product experience.

Collaborating with artists helps bring that to life by enhancing our customers Nordic experience and connection to Finnish culture; and now you can own your very own 'Nordic designed' cosmetic bag.

The ‘Forest Treasures’ cosmetic bag by Jonna Saarinen is a limited-edition gift with any purchase while stocks last.

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